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Terence Higgs

Pflicht, Ehre, Freundschaft, was bedeuten sie dir schon, Der Sucher Zertifikatsdemo der Slytherins, Terence Higgs, hatte ihn ebenfalls gesehen, Es hat. brauchte ich Entspannung, und die fand ich bei Draco, denn Blaise knutschte mit Pansy rum und Lucy mit Terence Higgs dem früheren Sucher von Slytherin. Terence Higgs ist mir zwar bekannt, aber eher als unwichtige Randfigur, dass er hier eine ser wichtige Rolle spielt ist zwar seltsam, aber mir gefällt es. Vorallem.


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First Quidditch Match - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Der junge Zauberer Terence Higgs geht /92 in Hogwarts zur Schule und gehört dem Haus Slytherin. Terence Higgs. Terence Higgs wurde oder geboren. Bei seiner Einschulung kam er in das Haus Slytherin. Terence spielte in der. May 22, - This Pin was discovered by Whatever. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. - вαиᴅȿ αиᴅ вσσҡṩ hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.
Terence Higgs Hucey this time! Terence W. Are we going to play quidditch or are you two going to cuddle on the pitch!? Higgs Terence Slots Deutsch. Higgs Terence W. Terence Higgs. Home Characters Terence Higgs. Terence Higgs Gender Male. First Introduced PS Quidditch. Commentary. Pensieve (Comments) View 0 thoughts swirling. Terence Higgs (b. s) was a wizard and a Slytherin student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Terence Higgs was born on month day , to Hugh Higgs and Elizabeth Higgs. Terence had one sibling: Sheila Matthewson. Terence lived on month day , at address. Terence Higgs was a wizard and a Slytherin student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was the Slytherin Quidditch team Seeker during the – season, but was soon replaced by Draco Malfoy in However, it is unknown if he was still attending Hogwarts at that time, or if he went to a different school. Terence Higgs involved in Chetenham fraud case. SCAN-TELE

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Thanks a lot! The author would like to thank you Phase 10 App Freunde Einladen your continued support. Litigation is still pending. And now Flint was going to take it away from him for… "Broomsticks!!!! Higgs owned several commercial and rental properties in Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and other Insolvenzen Aachen communities, and dabbled in other trades, some of them not so above the board. Seven of them," Flint replied. Start a Wiki. So, Terence gives the impression of having a pole up his arse, all the time. Higgs replied, "If Terence Higgs wanted loyalty, you should have been a Hufflepuff," Juwelen Spiele everyone in Www.Bet At Home crowd started laughing out loud, causing Flint to storm off to his dorm. But he let it all roll off of him and resolved to prove to them that he really belong there, that he would do whatever it takes to fit in, Terence Higgs become a model Slytherin. Terence has recently been hired to use his Sight to prove the innocence of Robert Williamson, who was convicted of killing his wife in He hunted down Oliver Wood. Neu Fe knew that life wasn't fair and if you were living in Slytherin House you had to be prepared to be stabbed in the back. Other family: Two sisters-in-law, Fran and Margaret.
Terence Higgs
Terence Higgs

He was the Slytherin Quidditch team Seeker during the — season and in the first game of the year, raced Harry Potter for the Golden Snitch.

Like Adrian Pucey , he appeared to be one of the more decent Slytherin players, as he seemed to play by the rules of Quidditch and did not resort to cheating.

But in the — school year , he was replaced by Draco Malfoy. Terentius was a Roman family name. It may mean "tender" or "gracious".

The early English substituted an "H" because they had trouble saying the letter "R". This wiki.

Even though he knew his Slytherin housemates would mock him and others would think him a fool, his faith in Divination and his own abilities have never wavered.

Terence has no sense of humour. His idea of fun is trying a new tea, an hour of karate or yoga every morning, or having a live blood analysis. Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, but leans hard toward homosexuality, because his idea of the perfect woman is nearly unobtainable.

Strengths: Divination, Charms, Quidditch. Weaknesses: Terence has a hard time connecting with other people. Appearance: As a child, Terence was always small and pretty, often mistaken for a girl.

Not much has changed. At 5 feet 7 inches with light bone structure, Terence still considers himself short. So, Terence gives the impression of having a pole up his arse, all the time.

Terence has medium-length dark blond to light brown hair, depending on how much time he has been out in the sun, and clear blue eyes.

He's in top physical condition, not just because he's vain or obsessed with his appearance which he is , but also because his physical health affects his mental health, and if his state of mind isn't in good shape, he can't use his Inner Eye, and that is even more important to him than his looks.

Style of dress: Young modern wizard. Retro is so yesterday. He has never and will never wear denim. He also favours an Asian or Middle Eastern element from time to time, from his travels there.

Later, Terence would wonder if he was more suited to Ravenclaw, where at least the Ravenclaw Tower was warmer than the Dungeons.

Terence tries out for the Quidditch team, but Marcus Flint stuffs him into a locker in the Quidditch changing room. Slytherin wins the Hogwarts Quidditch cup.

He tries out for Quidditch again and this time makes the team as Seeker. He is quite proud of himself, and his mother shows up for all his games.

Slytherin wins the Quidditch cup. He plays Seeker again for the Slytherin team. For electives, he enrolls in Divination, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy.

Thornton Higgs marries Margaret Fenwick. Slytherin suffers its only loss of the year to Gryffindor in their first match and goes on to win the Quidditch cup.

For some reason, he is not made a prefect, and the reason why escapes him, and things only get worse from there. Terence is in a bad mood for the entire school year.

Terence had hoped to be made captain at long last and be reinstated to his rightful position as Seeker, but he is relegated to Chaser once more.

In fact, Mr. Boot's and Ms. Patil's papers had both been so error free he had to reluctantly give them full marks. Marcus Flint walked in and cautiously took a seat across from him, and sat silently staring for a while until it started to get on Snape's nerves.

Flint was a little worried about Snape's reaction to what he was going to say. He didn't know what the Professor's reaction would be if he admitted to being bribed.

Flint, you are well aware that you must book the field in advance with Madam Hooch. Flint was taken by surprise and almost fell out of his seat.

How did Snape know? Seven of them," Flint replied. Snape let out a small sigh. Is it possible you could switch Mr. Malfoy to another position.

Draco specifically asked for the seeker position so he could compete directly against Potter. So does anyone have the field booked for tomorrow morning?

Snape smirked and then took out a piece of paper and started writing a permission slip. Terrence Higgs was still fuming about having lost his spot on the team, and contemplating exactly how he was going to kill Flint and Malfoy.

He was so distracted that he didn't do his homework for that night, but it never got as far as actually hexing them. He knew that Flint could hardly refuse the Malfoys, one of the rich families that were half mockingly, half reverently referred to as the Slytherin royalty.

He knew that life wasn't fair and if you were living in Slytherin House you had to be prepared to be stabbed in the back. But that didn't make it much easier.

In the next few weeks, he worked to get over it, concentrating on his studies and solidifying plans for after graduation, while glaring at the team whenever it came in from Quidditch practice.

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Terence Higgs

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Inhalt ist versteckt. Terence Higgs (b. 28th Aug, ) was a Halfblood wizard. Born to Andrew Higgs and Josephine Higgs, younger brother to Philip Higgs, and older brother to Esmee Higgs and Bambi Higgs. More Information Will Be Added Soon. 4/18/ · Terence Higgs. Terence Higgs (b. s) was a wizard and a Slytherin student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.2 1 Biography 2 Magical abilities and skills 3 Behind the scenes 4 Etymology 5 Appearances 6 Notes and references He was the Slytherin Quidditch team Seeker during the – season and. Home | Terrence Higgins Trust A message of hope We can end HIV cases in England by , according to the landmark HIV Commission report released for World AIDS Day.